Mastectomy Fitter Multiple-Choice Self-Assessment Examination $25.00
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About the content:

  • The CMF SAE contains 30 multiple-choice questions. Each SAE is illustrative of the format used in the actual exams.
  • The actual examination time allotted for completion is 2 hours; consider completing the SAE in half that time because it contains half the number of questions.
  • Questions are based on the BOC Job Analysis, a survey updated regularly, of O&P professionals that details the knowledge, skills and ability consistently used to treat patients.
  • The SAE and the actual BOC examination both represent a comparable sampling of questions that are culled from a much larger pool of potential topics appropriate for the O&P practice.
  • Your individual results will remain confidential. Aggregate scores (i.e., without individual identifiers) may be reviewed by BOC to evaluate the SAE process.
  • SAE scores are not statistically adjusted for difficulty level as they are in the actual BOC examination administrations.

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  • Cookies and scripting must be enabled.
  • Pop-up blocking must be disabled.

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