ABGC Practice Examination for Non-Genetic Counselors $75.00
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This exam is valid for 60 days from the date of purchase.

This examination contains identical content to that offered for genetic counselors.

The ABGC Practice Examination (PE) is a 100-question online examination that was developed to be parallel in content and difficulty to the actual ABGC Certified Genetic Counselor (CGC®) Examination.

The PE should be regarded as a diagnostic tool to assess strengths and weaknesses of the candidate’s knowledge. The PE can also be used as a study tool for the actual CGC® Examination.

Your score on the PE does not, in any way, predict your score on the actual CGC® Examination. The PE may be used by candidates as an additional resource to identify weak areas of knowledge prior to taking the actual CGC® Examination. Candidates are also encouraged to read the ABGC Bulletin of Information section titled Strategies for Answering Questions on ABGC’s website at www.abgc.net or AMP’s website http://www.goamp.com.

The questions on the PE have not been tested via the CGC® Examination. Therefore, ABGC does not have data on how these questions have performed.

When you choose to finish and score the examination, you will be able to view three reports. A score report will show your overall score and the number of questions you answered correctly in each area of the Detailed Content Outline. A feedback report will list each question and if you answered the question correctly or incorrectly, indicated by a green checkmark or a red X. A mastery report will show the percentage of questions you answered correctly in each area of the Detailed Content Outline. You can access these reports until your 60-day testing window ends.

About the content:

The ABGC PE follows the same format used in the actual CGC® Examination.

The actual CGC® Examination time period is 4 hours (240 minutes). Candidates are strongly encouraged to simulate the actual timed testing environment when taking the PE. The CGC® Examination contains 200 questions compared to 100 questions on the PE, so reduce test taking time by half, which is 2 hours (120 minutes).

Questions follow the ABGC Detailed Content Outline (available on the website) and are in the same proportion and difficulty as the actual CGC® Examination. The cognitive levels Recall, Application, and Analysis are represented on the PE along with each content area: Case Preparation & Medical History; Family History & Risk Counseling; Testing & Diagnosis; Communication & Psychosocial Counseling; and Resources/Ethics/Research/Education.

Please note the Practice Examination is copyrighted by ABGC and AMP. It may not be reproduced.

To take this test on the web you must have the following:

  • A compatible internet browser such as the current version of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Other browsers may or may not work.
  • Cookies and scripting must be enabled.
  • Pop-up blocking must be disabled.

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